KDA Global offers WHOLESALE opportunities to professionals nationwide.   We believe we carry the finest quality available in the marketplace today in our supplements, oral sprays and cosmetic products. 


Our main product is oral HCG Spray. In 2009, we made the conscious choice to begin moving to a purely natural and homeopathic direction as far as the products we created or offered for sale through our company. Our research and development company formulated one of the first oral HCG products on the market. Our alternative to the oral HCG drops is our oral HCG spray.    We follow the Simeons Protocol and have seen hundreds of patients lose the unwanted weight they desired.

We are now offering a DNA test product to help you understand why you have certain health issues. By knowing the problem areas, you can treat the problem from the inside out.   Check out the GENEWISE tab for more information.

We also have an incredible Bio-Cell collagen product that is totally amazing. Be sure to go to the JUSURU tab and view the pictures. Remember the old saying “Pictures speak louder than words?” Well these do.

Please call and let us know how we can help you.

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