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Product # Product Name
2 Diet Magic Appetite Control & Energy Booster
3 Oral B-12 LipoMax Support containing amino acids essential for healthy liver
4 Oral Thyrostat Homeopathic Thyroid Support
5 Oral Neurostat All natural Brain support
6 Oral HGH

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone

7 FigureLean

A mild all natural appetite control-no  stimulants

8 TrimStat

An all natural appetite control with minimum caffeine

9 Cholestil

Cholestrol support

10 Coral Calcium

Calcium for healthy

11 Carbotrol Starch Blocker
12 Lipotrol Fat Blocker
13 Sleep & Trim A nighttime weight loss optimizer
14 WaterTrim Water pill--fluid reduction
15 Daily Cleanse A daily fiber regimen to normalize daily elimination
16 Detox 15 An intensive 15 day liver detoxification
17 Biotica (Pro-Biotics) Improves the digestive efficiency and detoxification of the colon
18 Flexavil  Maximum Support Formula for Joints
19 Immustat Pharmaceutical-grade antioxidants-Keeps immunity working at a high level
20 OptiMale Pharmaceutical-grade support for men's sexual vitality
21 TestoStat  All natural formulation to help increase testosterone & energy levels in men
22 FemStat

All natural formulation to help support hormone regulation in women